I really miss my ex.. I dont want him back though. Please read?

okay, so me and my ex were friends for a year before going out, and I thought that he really valued our friendship and it naturally progressed into something really amazing. Like so good. We only went out for a month, because I guess I started to see his true colours, he got arrested for ABH and he was on bail so obviously I was annoyed at that as he is going to go to prison soon. Recently, he started showing his true colours, would be very nasty towards me and act in a jealous way.. like if i went out shopping he would be like 'ah its fine for you going out shopping while i am here grafting' - we just have different lives, I am much younger than him (20), and he is older. So he works full time where as I am finishing my education to become a lawyer and only working weekends.

Anyway, it got to a point where I kept telling him to leave me alone, because all he would do when I explained to him how I felt would be to call me names and shout at me and tell me we aren't right for eachother, so I would agree and not talk to him.. then two days later he would text me saying 'I miss you' and the same circle again.
Eventually I got so mad, that I decided to cut up my sim card so he couldnt talk to me. I have done this for 3 days, and honestly it feels good that I feel calm and not being shouted at constantly. However, I am conflicted. I feel like I shouldn't have to cut up my sim card for him to leave me alone. But more worryingly, I just wish he would have snapped back into his nicer self and we couldve spent time together instead of him calling me a whore.. I miss having my phone and talking to my friends and things..

I really dont know what to do... I just wish I wouldve found out what a bad person he was earlier.

I just can't seem to rid him. I regret so bad cutting my sim card because I felt like it shouldn't have had to go to that extreme just to get some peace and quiet..


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  • you should just forget him there is always other people out there for you. he is bad news and you kinda already have your future planed, start afresh with it.=) keep trying to get with him won't be good. its over and shouldn't get back together cause you deserve better. I had a friend and her boyfriend got arrested for drug dealing and the night she bailed him shot her and she died

    • Thank you. This helped. I understand you, sorry about your friend :( x

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