What is the typical reason why people would break up after talking about planning your life together, besides having differences lifestyle decisions?


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  • This is almost always because the NRE wears off. NRE is the term for the new relationship energy at the start of a relationship. It is a chemical bath in the brain that makes the two people artificially close to each other. It is designed to bring people together so that real, long term emotions can grow in the background, as real love takes years to grow. And while it is in effect, the people have a huge amount of feelings of togetherness, that they are perfect together, that they want to be together forever. All of that. But it is just the short term chemicals making them feel that way. It can last a few weeks, a few months, often up to 2 years, and very rarely drags on for closer to 4.

    If that NRE phase wears off, and other emotions haven't built in the background, the two people will start to drift, badly. That is usually where you see people break up after they have been deliriously happy together for two solid years, and suddenly... nope, no good.

    • Can't people build this back up

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    • Can I ask you then, he recently told me he didn't want to get back together now. What does the "now" mean? Like later down the road he'll want to get back together?

    • I wouldn't count on it, to be honest. That is usually said as a way to try and keep things from getting antagonistic.

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  • Cheating or lack of interest.

    • There was no cheating and that's my thing, how can you have lack of interest especially when you plan a life together or at least talk about it?

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  • i guess it has 2 do with those differences u mention then...

    • I said besides because there pretty much wasn't any difference?

  • Maturing past age 22.


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