Religious views really reason for breakup and I just need to move on?

Do I just move on? Ex boyfriend broke up with me 5 weeks ago due to me blacking out drunk again and saying awful things I swear I don't mean sober as well as I just found out a week ago also cuz of our different religious views. (He used to be practicing JW and recently has decided to go back to it from his daughter being upset all the time of him not going to church, meetings, etc. to be saved.) Last time I saw him was about a week ago to get my key/other stuff from him. The lunch was of both of us crying at some point & him finally telling me the religious reason why he broke up with me & why we can't be together. He admitted that he needs to not contact me to get over me and I brought up no contact rule I heard about but I wasn't sure I could go a whole month not talking to him. That if we were going to actually be friends (and he owes me a lot of money that we still need to set up payments on) that I understand us both needing time but a month might be excessive especially since it's not like we've talked at all since the breakup. He said he can't lose me in his life and I stupidly told him I loved him that I will always love him. That it hurt he deleted our photos from his FB profile pix. He said he had to so he wasn't reminded of me constantly. We ended our meet up with a couple hugs and kisses on cheek when he said he better go since he wanted to kiss me. I know religion is a big deal but if he knew my views in the beginning does he really mean that's it for us & I just need to let go?


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