Why would my ex miss me and regret breaking up with me but still not want to get back together?

Is he just being smart? Like he knows it's better. Okay so my ex was telling my best friend about me. I was with this guy, my boyfriend for 2 years and we loved each other so much but we just couldn't make it work. We were each other's first loves and we didn't have those cliche teenage love relationships. Our love was so different. We broke up because I would sometimea get attitudes with him and we were arguing more and he just didn't care if we were together anymore so I broke up with him and I tried a lot of times to get back with him butbhe didn't want to. We had prom about almost a month ago, a little less. He had a prom date and that night my friends and his friends would come up to me and tell me how I looked really good (and I'm not trying to sound conceited but I looked and felt beautiful because I never really dress girly or wear a lot of makeup I keep it natural and dress comfortable) and people would say that his prom date was ugly and I know that was really mean, I don't like when people would say mean stuff about her that definitely wasn't nice. So skip ahead to today, my best friend was now bringing some stuff up about him that he told her I looked really beautiful that night and not too long ago he wishes he would have taken me to prom instead because his friends keep making fun of him about his date and that he regrets breaking up with me but he doesn't want to get back together because it's better off that were single and now he's getting drunk like every weekend to help the pain and to forget things.
Oh and by the way we broke up about 2 months ago I think, maybe a little more. But less than 3 months


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  • He wants YOU to beg him for the patch up. He is still interested but he doesn't want to show that he needs you to have edge. Ignore him.


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  • He might just be playing games with you.


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