Girls, Is it love? Is it weird?

So my ex has broken up with me and it's been a long time maybe two years since we were together. Her baby picture she gave me is still on my mirror and a picture we took together. I don't mean to keep them up because when I come to my room it's just to change clothes or sleep. I talk to other women but I haven't had another girlfriend since her now It isn't because of her. I just got on point with school and I'm excelling right now where a relationship would maybe cause distractions. I just wanted to know What you girls think


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  • You should just focus on school for now.


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  • Have you just not gotten around to taking the photos down?

    • Yeah when I get in my room I'll see it while I'm laying down to go to bed or when I'm standing putting on lotion as I'm heading out I see it.

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