Could a girl be that synical and cheat on me?

I know she could be manipulative. And I know I didn't treat her the best and really never showed affection but I remember there was a point where I felt I was initiating too much. She was moving out with me soon. We could see each other twice a month. She was leaving her parents never being able to talk to them again to be with me. I was busy with the police academy. It got to the point at the end where she would nudge me off a couple times.. I'm at a movie or I'm busy. I don't know if this was just her being passive aggressive. She even sounded annoyed at one time. the thing isn't know she would be to the type to. make me think this even though nothing was happening. Like I said I know she could be maniupulative when she feels needy.

she straight up lied about how many guys she's slept with increasing the number thibking it was going to impress me lol. I slut shamed her. I rolled up on her thinking she was cheating one time and she got really mad and then reassured me she would never do that to me and betray me. I told her I was really dmaged by my girlfriend who cheated on me when I was in the military. Wheb she broke up with me right before we were going to move out I asked if there was someone else.. she said with no hesitation a calm fuck you.. we talked about an hour on the phone through the breakup. She called me the next day saying I was lying please take me back Blah blah. I asked her what she was lying about and she just said everything like she wanted to take back everything she said or she did fuck someone else. She was hysterical not making much sense. Sex seemed more like she was going through the motions tBH. but she could of been annoyed everytime I see her it's straight to my room to smash. Like I said she's maniupulative sometimes and I could see her making me think this because she thought I was cheating or wanted to get a rise out of me.

This girl had no idea how to communicate anything to me ever. Even when we first met. I really don't know if her saying I don't care or show her anything was just a cop out or she meant it. She did say this stuff before things got sticky and I know she. meant it.
I know there's probably going to be a chance for us to be together again.. And I need to respect myself.


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  • She may be needy and a bit crazy (the best ones always are) and she probably did cheat on you and was trying making up for it by being what you said you needed; however, you sir, sound like a very difficult man to be with. It sounds like there's a lot more to the story and whether you can handle it or not you may have caused a lot of this yourself. If you have the opportunity to further enjoy her company I recommend a small bit of soul searching and perhaps some realization towards where you might have fucked up.


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