I miss my ex-bestfriend so much it hurts, what should I do?

At the start of my first year in high school, i totally switched friend groups (for no reason) and started hanging out with the girls i never really spoke to from my middle school, in that group of 4 there was just one girl who was a copy of me, we liked the same stuff and over all we just got along so well, there was never a boring day. we became best friends within 4 weeks. i felt like she was my sister, later in the year her and i started to drift off from the two other girls in our group and then a different pair of girls hung out with us they were nice but they were obsessed with her (my bestfriend), it actually made me sick, i wasn't at all jelous because i was popular enough, but because she (my bestfriend lol) could see that these girls were like up her ass worshipping her, she kinda changed her whole attitude and just thought she was amazing, she changed 100% but when we were alone i all she wanted to do was talk about herself, i couldnt say one thing about me without her being blunt or ignoring me all together, if something good happened to me she couldnt care less. she just became more and more selfish and one day, no fight, no words, we were done. in fourth period before lunch that day i hung out with these girls in math who were good friends of mine and told them and they thought i shouldn't be friends with someone like that, so i just didn't go see her that lunch, ever since then we haven't spoken not a word, she catches the same bus as me in the morning, and i see her during the day, i have great friends now, but i feel like i just miss her and i love her but i dont want to leave my group of friends. Its been maybe 7 months since i spoke to her, i just feel so sad i dont know what to do.


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  • thats hard to deal with there is no "right" way. im in the midst of a similar problem my self. how about trying to talk to her on the bus? or writing a letter for someone you both know well enough to give to her? or even if you have a phone and have her number text or call her? she may surprise you, and if she isn't concerned about you. forget her, there are millions of other people who are better to be around than her


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