Why does life suck so much after the guy you love more than anything in the world dumps you?


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  • It's because you are essentially going through drug withdrawal. The chemicals released during the early stages of a relationship are not 'real love', but feel like it. Dopamine, norepinephidrine, phenyltethylamine and serotonin are all released by the brain during that phase of a relationship. So you are basically 'love high' on amphetamines, stimulants, and painkillers. These 'love chemicals' are hard drugs, and are addictive drugs. Breaking up causes that chemical release to stop. so you are going through withdrawals of amphetamines, stimulants, and painkillers... meaning you can actually start feeling physical pain, and you feel depressed and lethargic. It is a terrible, terrible feeling.

    But, almost everyone in the world has gone through it. And you will get through and feel better again. Each time it happens, your body gets better at coping. You will find other people. You will experience those highs again. Your brain chemistry will normalize again in the future. You are in pain because of biochemistry, not because of anything you've done wrong. It is your body reacting against your will. And it will calm down in the future, so you just have to hold on and bear it. It will pass.


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  • Because you feel like a part of you is missing but it will pass, trust me you will find someone else and hopefully it won't happen again but it is foes just don't worry because it to will pass. You will feel this way for a bit but try to not let it control what you do.

    • I really try to not let it control what I do but it doesn't really help when he is in every one of my classes at school. I just feel stupid for going out with him and believing him when he said he loved me.

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  • because you were so attached to him that he became your life and now he left, hence your life sucks until your life is not all about him anymore.

    • A life without him is a life I hate.

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    • trust me it will. a break up is a good experience to go through in life, at least once. you feel bad right now but this is for the better for your future.

    • Yeah.

  • It sucks but you know nothing about the world, so how can you love him more than anything in the world?
    You have an entire life time to find your man. dont worry love, someone way better who actually loves you will come along and treat you right, all you have to do is not give your body to the first man to attract you, but get to know him for at least 6 months before you take it further and I swear it will work out better for you in the long term. Break ups hurt but you have to ignore it and move on. Seriously. Try your hardest and don't stop running my words through your head and you will be ok! :-)

    • Thank you! :D

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    • Wow. Think of how many adults tell you that this year is important. They are saying it because they were all you at one stage. As a teen I never listened to advice and regret it every day. Seriously study. Use the time to clear your head from men and fill it with knowledge. Knowledge is the key power to life, relationships, health, success, happiness and no regrets!

    • The hardest thing about school is having him in every one of my classes.

  • I think it's because the guy you love more than anything in the world just dumped you.

    Sorry, done being a smart ass.

    If it's any consolation, I can tell you that one day you'll smile again and you'll think, "Holy Shit! What drug was I on when I thought I loved that guy". Yes, you WILL think that eventually.

    Might not help you today, but I hope that thought comforts you a little. It's true.

    • Thank you. It does help. I'm was justt stupid enough to go out with him twice so it just hurts even more...

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    • I have this song on my phone. I really like this song. And I know what you mean when you say thats what I need to hear.

    • Thank you for the link.

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  • I can feel your pain kinda, because you had strong feelings for him and was attached then its like he doesn't care and throws it away.

    • Yes. That is what I feel in a way.

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    • But, your right. @Yc2K15

    • Yeah he is. :)

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