"Maybe in the future" what does it mean and how can I stop obsessing?

So my ex and I broke up about five months ago. He has been on and off with this girl that has a 7 month old who he started dating after two weeks of us breaking up. We were living together and one day after two years of being together comes home and says that he can't do this anymore. (Back story- I cheated on him prior to moving in together and he found out before moving in together but I promised I would change and I did) I thought everything was going great because he never said otherwise. A lot has happened since our breakup, and I've decided to move to another city but I needed some stuff bCk from him so we met up. During our meet, he apologized for everything and that he didn't want things to get this way and I said "nothing will ever be the same between us. It's impossible for us to be friends while you're dating her" to which he said "maybe one day things will be different" and then I asked what he had done with our apartment stuff and he told me he still has it and plans on keeping it right where it is. The at the end I said "do you know what's sad? If you called a year or two years from now I would still answer" and then he replied "maybe one day things will be different". What am I supposed to think when he says "maybe one day..." And refuses to sell our stuff? Do you think he genuinely has hope for us in the future or is just saying what he thinks I want to hear?


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  • Honestly I think ones a cheater is always a cheater but that's not for me to judge :).

    He is a bit scared to let go of you, I think you should ignore what he says and move on. He seems to be doing that abs you should as well.

    Chances of you guys getting back isn't all that great, especially if you guys broke up while living together.


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