Is he about to dump me?

hi everyone,
i need your honest oppinions again. Until now i thought my "boyfriend" would actually be serious with me.. Although he rarely had time to spend time with me cuz he claimed he had a 16 day work schedule without any day off inbetween but i could get over this..
When we found time to see each other it was always great.

when i saw him last week he refused to give me a single kiss which was very unusual for him cuz he used to kiss me everytime we saw each other.
And when i thought it couldnt get any worse, it got!
Yesterday he texted me:
"I've told you that I don't consider me as a good boyfriend right now."

I replied this:
"i guess this was also the reason why you didn't give me a single kiss?
so everything you said were just empty words?

anyway you know what i learned? if a guy would genuiely wanted to at least try to make it work, he would do anything he could in his situation to keep sb. who would be important. if not he'd find excuses
so this shows clearly who's important and who'll never be"

& he had nothing more to say than that:
" Jess... I'm all alone here, I have to make it on my own, need to be strong... For me there is nobody who will help me"
When i asked him

So guys, did he really just tell me he wants to break up (in case he considered what we had a relationship (which i doubt)?

What can / should I do now?
Was everything just a fling/game for him? :(
I'm really devasted rn!


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  • Why are girls so dumb... and always doubting... he is already depressed and sad with all the work load and stuff... whereas u are taunting him.. relationships dont work like this.. u should be comforting him... make hi feel that he is not alone.. just go and hug him.. just say everything will be alright and u can understand what he is going through... by the way all he wanted was u to comfort him... he mentioned it he is all alone.. guyz act tough they will never ask for something... best of luck..

    • so this is your oppinion? why the hell would he have behaved so distantly to me then? and why would he have told me "i dont consider me as a good boyfriend right now." if he didn't play me and didn't wanna break up?

    • I think in a way he is being sorry... to u.. and admitting what he has done.. thinking that you would be angry :... it all depends on you how u wana take it positive or negative...

    • can you please reply to my message i just sent? this would be important to me to hear your blunt opppinion to my "story"

Most Helpful Girl

  • I can honestly say your relationship is on it's last legs. I don't think he saw you as a fling or sees this as a game: I think he's in over his head and he can't keep your relationship afloat.

    He's clearly overwhelmed and feels trapped; I'm sure he likes you, but the tension between the two of you on top of his stress is causing him to pull back. It's hard to be affectionate when you feel drained, especially if you know the person you are with feels like you're failing them.

    I think you two need distance. Just tell him: Okay... I'm here if you need me. And nothing else. Don't contact him. If he wants to talk to you, let him come to you first.


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  • Like I said a month ago he is trouble. Sorry


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  • instead of waiting around worrying about it, have a talk with him about things.


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