What did I do wrong?

When my ex girlfriend of nearly 18 months broke up with me recently I was a little blindsided. I really didn't see it coming but I guess that's my problem not hers. The weekend before she was her usual self, phoning me first thing in the morning to see what we were doing that day as usual. Coming round to my place to stay over. Then in literally a few days her mood changed and then I got a phone call saying she wanted to end it as she was unhappy.

The next day I took her belongings round to hers and dropped them off like she asked. A few days later I found a few more of her stuff but thought it best not to see her in person (I didn't want to, I was to upset if I'm honest ). So I wondered what to do, I really couldn't handle seeing her/communicating with her again and I didn't want to leave her stuff outside her communal flat as it probably wasn't the safest place for it. I thought the best most sensible thing was to text her mum and drop it round off at her house. So 3 days after the break up that's what I did and her mum said yeh no problem, so I took it round after work, said thanks and bye. And her mum invited me in to see if I was OK, I told her I'm a bit confused and upset, and didn't see it coming and I didn't know what to do. Had a brief 5 min chat said goodbye and that was it, left and thought nothing of it, I didn't realize id done anything wrong by that.

Another few days went by and a week after we broke up I dropped my ex an email trying to get a civil explanation, the ex replied pretty coldly saying its over, she doesn't want to be horrible to me because I was a nice boyfriend to her but she isn't going to change her mind.

I thought it was a funny thing to say, I don't want to be horrible to you, cause I thought it was reasonable to ask for an explanation? And also I funny thing to say to someone you knew for 2 years who you were lyng in bed with only 7 days before? Or is that me? I felt like I didn't know her anymore and left it at that. It felt weird.

Then a few days later she sends me an email saying never contact her ever again. Don't ever contact her mother again. She has been sensitive to my feelings by not being a bitch, but that is over now and she has blocked my emails.

I'm like WTF? What have I done? Yeah I did send you an email a few days before of which you replied to and I left it at that. I haven't phoned or text her at all. And I thought I was doing us both a favor by dropping off the rest of her belongings at her mums house? I don't know if I handled the break up badly, I don't think I did? But I'm all confused and hurt by that email now I don't know what to think.
What did I do wrong?
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