Why would a narcissistic ex want to be friends after dumping you?

I've been doing a lot of research on narcissm and realize my ex is was one of them. Our relationship has been on and off and has been the pattern of idealiziation, devaluation, and discard. Typically what happens is that my ex would break up with me for a stupid reason. (basically stage something and find a reason to break up) We then would go through the stage of me chasing him and trying to get him back and him giving me the silent treatement. After time has passed, he will propose a "friendship" and I would take it hook line and sinker and before I knew it I was back into the same abusvie relationship.

After going through this twice with him I have wisened up and just let him go. I have been almost 4 months no contact with him with the exception of when we have to see each other to exchange our son. I feel proud of myself because by now I would have jumped when he said he wanted to be "friends." Since I no longer talk to him I have noticed that he does thing to try to get a reaction out of me and I just ignore it.

My question is why is it that a narcisst had completely discarded you would he try to be friends? Most normal people who have hurt others would never suggest this, and would be too shamed of what they have done to even propose this idea.

I've also noticed that when he first proposed being friends and I told him no is when he started acting weird. When we do see each other his emotions can range from him trying to make small talk and when I don't give him the attention or bring up getting back together is when the next time i see him he will act like a jerk.


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  • Because he's a narcissist...


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