Guys: I am dealing with a break up and wondering if my now ex will come around or its all gone for good?

Well to make it short, yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 months, I was being all emotional and hormonal.. I said I wanted to be single for awhile, I need to sort out my feelings then deleted him off my FB and our Couple app. Anyway after I was all calmed today, I texted him apologizing, A LONGGG MESSAGE

then this is what he said:

Iris, I wanted only the best for you and for us.
But I'm not going to play along with your mind changing. You made a choice, regardless of the shot or not. And your actions yesterday showed a lot more than what was said. There's no excuse for how you acted.

I then responded to that with something about wanting to fight for us, if you want as well, and if not, I understand.

He finally said: I tried Iris. You said it yourself you want to be single. I feel terrible that everything came crashing so fast... But I knew something was wrong and was giving you space to cool off then you said you wanted things to end. So they did. I can't do that again or take the risk of it again... I am sorry.
I hope we at least keep in touch as friends, but you proved you didn't want that either.

My question is: Is it really over, as I am in denial stage. I really hope he will come around. This sucks


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  • You have to understand the choice you made was a bad decision, you have gone into relationship, acting all emotional, and you allowed your emotions control your actions. Now you have paid the price for your emotional state.

    A person, who has control over their emotions, has control over their life.

    I am sorry to say, its over with your boyfriend. I can understand where he is coming from, he afraid, this will happen to him again. He can't risk that happening again, you have basically betrayed his trust.

    I suggested to you, that you going to need its over. and forgive yourself for what happened. Learn from it and move on. I also suggest you take your time, to work on yourself for a while, and sort any issues you have got going on your life.

    I am going to give you a video to watch, and I want you watch it. It will help you. Its how to attract the opposite sex, but I want you to watch it for other reason, which I think will help you a lot.

    • But I am hurting so bad and really hope that he will come around. I am done reaching out to him after what he said because I don't wanna hear anymore :(

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    • I afraid getting hurt, is part of the territory with relationships, and its something your going to have to accept and be strong enough to deal with it.. When you broke with your boyfriend, and saying you wanted to be single, those words you said to him has now costs you., don't you think he was hurting after that. He wants to move on, not because he wants to hurt you or that he thinks your a bad person, Its the fact, he doesn't trust you anymore. He doesn't want to take that chance of you hurting him again. Your just going to have to understand that, Learn from it and move on.

    • You are going to have sort yourself out first, before getting in another relationship. No man wants an emotionally unstable girlfriend. Sort out yourself first, before starting another relationship.

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  • Any girl would tell me that what you said, I would be in tears no doubt
    it's hell to love someone one day and the next day it's all over for good
    that's like getting hit with a bullet in the heart

    • I know that and it was such a big mistake. I hope he can forgive? Do you think there's still chance?

    • Well, there could be a chance it's hard to say
      i wish you well on this i know we make mistakes
      when it comes to things ;-)

  • Unless he is the drama type. . . it's over.


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