Me and my ex were arguing for about a week and he said he doesn't want to talk to me, help?

I Told Him to block me on Facebook because if he never I would have kept messaging him being clingy, I have no other way to talk to him, he said he wanted space because we were arguing all the time :( I regret it now, I have been blocked for 3 days is he ever going to unblock me? i feel really sad and feel like he doesn't care about me at all :( What should I do?


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  • if he doesn't want keep insisting unblockng u, will lead u 2 nowhere... sorry

    it'd b best 2 forget bout him,... even if it's hard, uu must try :-)


What Girls Said 1

  • I feel like he's immature. I understand him wanting space, but to block you? It's cowardly to me.

    I would simply ignore your messages, not block you and then respond when I felt we had enough time to cool down.

    • Hey thanks for the advice, I have a update I need some advice on if you would like to help? I noticed yesterday that he unblocked me but he hasn't spoke to me, I don't want to talk to him first incase I get rejected but I really miss him, we havnt spoke in 6 days now, what should I. Do?

    • I think you should wait until he sends the first message. You don't want to resume your behavior which might make him block you again.

    • I thanks, I just wonder how long I have to wait , it's not nice at all, getting me down :(

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