Does pride really mess things up?

My ex still stares at me. He acts happy when we talk. Several people have told me he acts like he wants me back, but his pride is holding him back. He has never been one to admit he was wrong. I don't know, though. If he truly missed me, would pride really get in the way? If so, is there anything I can do about it?


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  • Or maybe he's just happy and doesn't miss you so much in the relationship sense. Pride isn't really a factor here however you could just straight up ask him or ask a mutual friend about it to get any answers you need.

    • Him, happy? Not a chance. He's a dark poetry writing, doom and gloom, I hate myself, kind of guy.

    • If that's the case, pride probably isn't even on his mind and he wouldn't care for it. Regardless he is your ex for a reason.

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  • My ex acts the same. We got divorced over 3 months. He is always very nice when we talk. I am sorry I cannot give much advice here because I am unsure if pride would get in his way as well. Pride is a awful beast at times.
    I would recommend just stick around and see what occurs. Only time will tell.


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  • form personal experience yes

    • Is there anything I can do or say to make him come around? I'm willing to be the one to do what needs to be done. My issue is fear, not pride.

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    • 2 months. I completely left him alone for over a month.

    • i mean he admitted he was wrong you maybe you just have to give it time i don't see what you can do sounds like your doing enough the rest is up to him

  • I left my ex bc of my pride she offered everything money sex etc. NO CHANCE

    • Why no chance? I kind of think if I gave him a way to get back together and save face, he would. Maybe not.

    • I think if pride involved between you kinda no chance to me but who know what could happen. Everyone's different.

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