Is she really confused about getting back together, or just too nice to tell me to move on?

My girlfriend and I broke up in a heated argument a couple months ago. I told her I needed some space for a little while. I was angry and she was really upset. After about 4 weeks we finally started talking again, and I apologized for how crazy things had went, and I was hoping we could slowly work it out. At the time she said she wanted to work our relationship out, but she just wasn't ready yet. This was 6 months ago. She has told me when she is ready to talk about our relationship that she'll bring up that conversation. She's really confusing though. In the past six months she'll text me every other day or so, sometimes she's very flirty and sweet and sometimes she has that wall up so its hard to even talk to her. She stops replying to my messages when she wants to even in the middle of a conversation. She hangs out with me when she wants to, but if I ask her to hang out she tells me no or has an excuse not to. And when we hang out she switches from being sweet and flirty to being quiet and sometimes kinda mean. I was talking to my friend the other day about it and without my permission he hit her up with a message to stop playing games. And she sent him back a long message saying that I really did hurt her when we broke up and how I acted, and that she does love me but just is confused and not ready to make a decision. We were together for almost 3 years, and with the anger I was feelin at the moment I broke it off was a horrible mistake. But I just don't know what to do next. Should I come out and talk to her about the situation? Or just keep letting her do her thing until we just stop talking or she brings up the relationship? It bothers me because i can't just move on if she says we still have a chance.


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  • I need some space for a while. translation: I want to be with someone, but i just don't want to be with you, NEVER say you need space lol because most men use that line to get out of dating you, so she sounds really confused and unsure right now... she sounds to be in 2 minds if she should trust you again and risk getting hurt again or don't trust you and not get back together, but it's been 6 months now, i'm feeling your just as unsure as she is and if your both unsure then i wouldn't get back together, id just say to her "Look it's been 6 months, you haven't made any move to get back with me, if your unsure then it's ok and we don't have to get back together, i'm just as unsure as you are tbh, so if you can't decide then lets just call it quits for definite".


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