Was I being a bad friend or did I do the right thing by sticking by my beliefs?

Hello all. I am an 18 year old girl who lives in the United Kingdom!

So in 2012 I met a girl over Facebook called Megan and she has been my best internet friend ever since the day we met. We haven't gone a day without texting or Skyping, and we have been through many fights too, but we always make up...

But anyway, the past year I have been getting into "fights" (obviously online) with people Megan has known. The reason why? They have accused Megan of sending naughty photo's to them and doing naughty things on Skype webcam and audio! Megan admitted to sending naughty photo's to random guys but it was only for a few weeks and that she's grown out of that phase. That still didn't stop these guys from telling me the stories and accusing her of being a "hoe"... So nothing was said of it for about 5-6 months until Megan met this dude called Adrian and introduced him to me. It was like, love at first sight. I really had a crush on him and as silly as it sounds, it IS possible to gain feelings for somebody over the internet, that's what happened to me.

Want to know what happened next? Adrian tells me that he and Megan did naughty things together on webcam and audio. Baring in mind, he doesn't know that I had feelings for him but Megan DID. She denied it all and actually CRIED on Skype to me saying that he's lying. Of course, I fight with him and accuse him of being a liar so then he blocks me and he's out of my life. I told her that I am mad at her even though I don't believe him, but if she does that ever again and I have to end up defending her then I'm going to stop being her friend because I believe that dirty stuff you do over the internet is disgusting and trashy. She told me that she can trust her and that she'll never, ever do it again. I of course, believe her and we continue to be best friends.
Then about a month or two after the encounter with Adrian, Megan started to add random guys she meets online into our Skype calls and flirts with them, like a lot. I just ignored it and thought it was her way of making friends... Until one night, I add in one of my internet friends I had known for about 2 weeks into our Skype call. Myself, Megan and the guy spoke for an hour until I had to leave the call to Skype somebody else. 30 minutes after, I rejoin the call without them knowing...
And I instantly hear Megan moaning, and saying sexual things to the guy. I also could hear the noise of his penis... You know, masturbating. I felt sick. For some reason, I stayed in the call listening for about 30 seconds WITHOUT THEM KNOWING then I popped up and said (these are the exact words!) "Megan, you are an absolute piece of scum and you're a liar. I'm blocking both of you!" She then quit the call and messaged me telling me to mind my own business and that it's her life and she can...


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  • I think you're wrong. You shouldn't project your beliefs onto someone else. I'm not a whore but I have friends who sleep around like one. I'm not going to stop being friends with them because of that.

    They are free to make their own choices and do their own thing. I am as well.

    And if she lied, I would understand and tell her not to lie to me anymore. She could NOT be lying due to the people unable to give you proof about what she did.

    She's free to make her own choices and live her life. You shouldn't impede on that. You don't HAVE to befriend her, but that's a dumb reason to end a good one in my opinion.

    • It's fine. A lot of people are taking her side over mine and I'm quite shocked to see a lot of people think what she's done is okay. I guess it's just me who look down on sluts and players, especially doing it online. But I respect your opinion. At least you're not being rude to me like others are.

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  • There are two things here that don't completely add up for me;

    1. Why is it your business what an online friend does with her real life

    2. Why would you defend her and call him a liar, to then be mad at her for it the next moment? Did you or did you not believe that they did something? Only one of them lied, you can't be mad at both of them..

    • I knew somebody was going to say this. Megan told me the exact same thing. It's my business because when guys tell me what she does, she denies it to me and GETS me involved, so then I have to defend her and get involved into her business and it's always me fighting her battles for her.

      And I'm mad at both of them because Adrian told me they did naughty things together and I liked him, so I felt hurt and cheated even though I didn't really like him - but that isn't the point.
      And I'm mad at her because if it IS true, which it NOW is, I lost him because of her selfishness.

    • I don't see what she did to get you involved. The only thing I see is that you were jealous and got yourself involved.

      The lying part wasn't great, I'll give you that. I posted my comment before having seen your update. It's clear she wasn't being truthful. Still, I'd argue that it's her life, and if you are really really good friends, this would just be another bump in the road, rather than a dead end.

    • I guess you're right in a way. Maybe I explained most of it wrong, but she literally did get me involved by telling me everything that happens and adding these guys into my calls. Not to mention, they are the ones who come to me asking me to ask her about things and then they expect me to sort out their problems as if I'm some GURU.

      And yes, with the Adrian part once again, I was jealous and hurt because he told me the TRUTH and Megan lied and denied it like the little slut she is. She made me lose a very great guy that I liked. But in a way, she kind of did me a favour seeing as he's like that.

      But like I said, I believe that doing sexual things online and on Skype with complete strangers is totally wrong and disgusting, and I will not be best friends with somebody who is like that. Especially someone who does it with my friends and potential boyfriends. Sorry.

  • Where in the UK do you live cutie? ;) x

  • She obviously doesn't care to much about you... lose her

  • I'm sorry but this too long for me to have patience to read through it.

    • Sorry. Basically, should I feel bad about not being friends with someone who I was really close with because she lies to me about being a whore online towards my friends and people I like?

    • I don't think you should feel bad she lied to you so she may not be a good friend to begin with...

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  • lmao luv why are you harassin this poor girl so much. She's just trying to get it on. Leave her alone.

    • Would you say that to your best friend when she masturbates for a guy you have feelings for, then does it a month later to one of your friends? I don't think so!

    • well I wouldn't say that to her because, it wouldn't make sense. I would be you, in that situation. Why would I say this to your friend? I'd be saying it to myself. So you should say "would you say that to yourself when your ebst friend masturbates... yada yada" but, I already am saying that, to you, about that situation. So yes, basically.

  • I don't really think what she's doing is right or very healthy, but if she's your friend, you should be supportive. She knows you don't like what she's doing, maybe talk to her and find out why she does it. You don't have to agree with her to be a good friend.

  • Doing things online doesn't make you a slut... yeah she shouldn't be doing it with every guy but that's her right but you can send pics and say stuff to each other online without being a slut


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