Semi Break-up.. confused?

So basically last week, my boyfriend semi broke up with me saying he can't do it anymore with all the voicemails i leave when i got out, he sent me three and two of them were just me saying how much i missed him etc, but the last one was a bit suspicious i'll give him that !
( but i was with my friends and i was calm)
just missed him aka i sounded a bit weary.. anyways he said he was fed up, however he said we can still text etc, because i was in exam period so it was bad timing, and i just felt broken inside so i know he did it to get me motivated, but i questioned him saying don't talk just because you wanna keep me happy but talk because u wanna.. and he said he ovbs wanna still talk to me aka we were, only via texts though no phone calls, anyways after four to five days we seemed to get back on track.
but i had to change my ways and he had to change in ways for the relationship to work,.. because we started arguing every week, just over petty things..
anyways since we have been back on track, i have noticed a few things, that has made me feel some type of way.. you alll may seem i am being silly, but after 2 years off being used to a pattern it is weird how it's changed but I don't know if it is because of the semi-break up or just because he doesn't feel like that towards me.. but obviously actions is different because he sows that he loves me with what he does, but i am used to WORDS and he is used to SHOWING IS ACTIONS, but i feel like sometimes i need what i like so i feel comfortable.
1. he does not say i love you anymore, when i say it.. which i find is a problem, even though he shows he does and he keeps saying me showing you isn't enough do i have to say it, i get that but just once.. even before bed, because i say it most times, it just falls out of my mouth, so now i find it awkward and i never normally did.
2. stopped like mu IG images even if he does like them i dont get
3. deep down i dont think he trust me from today's'


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  • Maybe it's better that you guys take a time off instead of a semi-break up?

    • well we are back together now, and happier than we were before we had that biff baff, but i feel like because i am changing, i shouldn't say all of these things, which could only cause more friction. i know he does love me but being used to the old ways, and it changing over a week, i just don't know if it is more than that..

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