She broke up with me. Will I ever move on?

My girlfriend broke up with me few months back and I'm missing her so much. I'm thinking about her literally everytime and the thought that we can never talk to each other and spend time is killing me from inside. I'm having insomniac nights and my pillow is getting wet with tears. I tried to follow the no contact rule but broke the rule and texted her everywhere. The result is that she blocked me everywhere. She posted in GAG that she regretted breaking up with me
me. But I saw the post after few days from posting and contacted her. But she moved on. I was badgering her ever since then by sending her emails but she would never respond but called my mom and told her that I'm harassing her. (because I sent a kiss to her in a message). After that I called her and spoke very mean words but I still regret for doing that. Lately, she made a post in GAG asking people how to find out whether this new guy is interested in her or not. Yes, she's online dating someone and yes, I'm stalking her in GAG. I felt so bitter by reading the post. I don't know what to do now. I need her back in my life very badly but she is the most stubborn girl I ever met. She'll never come back again. What should I do? Please help!


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  • I know what you going through man am having same problem as you actually. But to be strong is all you can do. Go out do some sports it will make you feel wayyyyy better go out with friends and all. Dnt stay at home stalking her or checking her every minute. I did that too but its of no use. Live your life

    • As a matter of fact, I don't have many or rather say any friends brother. She was my sole friend, girlfriend, partner, companion and lover. That's why I miss her so much. But, I'll try the things you've suggested me to do. Thanks for reading my post and giving your opinion.

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    • Lives in London, UK. From Port Louis, Mauritius. That's you right?

    • Yeps thats right

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  • hm, if she doesn't want you back, if she said she moved on already, you should try to move on too. It's hard, I know, but it'll be better for you. Those things take time: months, sometimes even years, but sooner or later, slowly, you move on.

  • I'm assuming you posted this secretly hoping that she reads this and feels bad and takes you back (explains the no anonymous users allowed), which is pretty sad. First things first, STOP harrassing her it's done nothing but make things worse. Stop stalking her on GAG, it's only going to make letting her go even harder. What you should do is each time you think about her just repeat to yourself calmly "it's over, nothing will ever happen, move on". It seems super simple and stupid, but it works great. In the beginning you'll be saying that to yourself constantly, then less so, then maybe one day you won't say it at all. It's all about rewiring your brain into thinking that you and her are no longer an option.

    • Neither me nor her are following each other here. So the odds are she doesn't see this post. And I never allow anonymous users to post. Don't know why. But hey, your opinion is quite helpful and I thank you for it. But, will I be happy if I get married to some other girl?

  • Everyone moves on eventually.


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