Should I say goodbye to her or stay friends and be with her?

We are really connected. She know how much I love her and she said she loves me too but the problem is she has a boyfriend and I can't do anything.. She really wanted to stay friends with me so I accept and gave it. Now I am afraid to say goodbye and let go because I already accepted to become friend to her. She may say that I'm a liar and it is the truth. I lied that I wanted to be friends with her it's really painful. Because deep inside myself, I still hope that she might change her mind. Guys I really know what I should do but I wanted to hear your thoughts and opinions. We knew each other for a year and six months and this girl really means a lot to me. I am willing to wait but what if they are destined forever? What if his boyfriend was the right one for her? :'(


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  • They are obviously not going to last very long lol. She told you that she loves you & she has a boyfriend lol if she loves you she would. have broken up with that guy & would have gone. for. you.

  • I appreciate how difficult this is, I've been there myself. I really think for all three of your sakes you should distance yourself. Its not fair to her boyfriend that she is telling another guy she loves him while she is with her boyfriend. You will just end up getting more hurt if you stay. I know maybe your thinking things might go wrong and how convenient you're there to pick up the pieces and be her hero and end up together but is that really how you would want it to happen? Would you really want to be second choice? A rebound of her relationship? If she loved you its simple, she would be with you. She's trying to have the best of both worlds and that's not very considerate of you.


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