Gorgeous Gal Always Dumps Her Men: Red Flag?

I dated a very attractive woman last year with whom I broke up with after a few months of dating. She was not a terribly bad person, but I think she was used to men falling at her feet and doing her will as she is extremely attractive. I had scheduled a trip to Vegas with a buddy before I met her, and her best friend intimated that I cancel it because I was now in a relationship with her friend. I had no intention of doing such a thing and did not.

She had also previously told me that she had only been dumped by a guy once in her life and that she initiated the break ups with all three of her major boyfriends. She also said that all three of these exes had one point presented her with an engagement ring, but for one reason or another, turned them all down. Both her best friend and family expected her to marry wealthy. All this was too much for an average joe like me and so I broke it off. She and I have a mutual friend so I have tried to keep things friendly between us. I also feel a bit of guilt as she did cry when I broke it off.

Then she tried some silly antics like she showing up with guys where she knew I would be (I guess to make me jealous?)

I saw her this week after not seeing her for a few months. At first, we ignored each other. But, I thought that was silly, So, I approached her, made small talk, told her that I thought she looked great (she responded in kind) and left her alone.

Sometimes, I am tempted to try to reunite. But, if she is really a princess, despite being gorgeous, perhaps this is the type of woman to stay away from? Also, since I was one of only two men (that I know of) that ever broke things off with her, she may be vindictive and be friendly to me now only to hurt me down the road. She also told me that all her exes kept in touch with her. I never contacted her after the break up.





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  • It sounds like you kind of ended things because of what you thought or heard she might do instead of what she actually did?

    But the petty jealousy games also suck. I don't know it's like yeah you might get something out of the relationship but you may not. I don't know that I'd really bother getting back with her since there's nothing really standing out.

    • Thanks for your response. Well, there is truth to your statement. Her best friend was also very rude to me, questioning my intentions about my Vegas trip. The ex let the whole thing happen. The episode put a very bad taste in my mouth.

      The ex also stated that she expects to be a stay at home with at least two kids in a nice house.

      Once again, I'm an average Joe , and I didn't think I could meet her expectations.

  • I believe that you should give her some time. Girls have this funny way of doing this, and it seems like she may be heart broken. I think if you make small talk, and give her space, she will be fine and you two can be friends again.:)


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