Ex boyfriend being passive aggressive with me. Why is he acting like this?

So my ex boyfriend and I had an argument 2 months ago and as a result of that we broke up. Since then I've tried reaching out to him a couple of times, but he has always given me one word answers or acted like he didn't want to talk to me. So because of that I stopped talking to him and started doing my own thing. He's been acting very passive aggressive towards me however. He will talk about me with other people and post about me online, but when I've reached out to him in the past to talk and straighten things out he's mostly given me the silent treatment.

He's a very stubborn guy and always wants to be right.

So, my question is why would a guy/girl be acting passive aggressive with you? Does he want me to apologise to him/beg him or something like that?


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  • He has just gotten sour.


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