Why do I act like this? I just was writing a short story until my phone showed me a message from him.

Why does this keep happening to me in a repeating pattern. It's driving me nuts!
I admit I broke up because 1. I accused him wrongly 2. I was jealous Why

Well, I loved him, very much, he was my first love.(It sounds silly to some but idc)
I tried moving on, tried to explain him the reason.
His friend told me about this girl that he "liked" while he was with me.
I just snapped and since we were on a distance relationship, I broke up thinking he cheated cause I've seen some things he commented on her pictures on FB.
I know most distance relationships didn't work, that's why we both wanted to take a risk.
I tried explaining him, but I obviously broke him. I know I screwed up BIG TIME, and I really feel bad that I even once cut myself.
i know I deserve better, but honestly as a person he was quite perfect in an unperfect way.
I don't know what to do. I tried moving on, but It's really hard since I've been having 2-3 dreams about him every njght or If I got nothing to do, like no homework, chore I just end up sitting and somehow He comes on my mind!
When I finally calmed down and faced the fact that we are probably never getting back together, I just was writing a short story until my phone showed me a message from him. We started chatting, bla bla until he asked me U still single? I said yh, iI asked about him he didn't want to answer. But since I had to go to bed, he said Goodnight 😒😄😚😚


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  • Under 18. Love him... No comment.

    • Oh, I'm sorry! Was that supposed to offend me? You don't always have to be 18 or older to love.

    • You have to be emotionally stable and a young teenager is never emotionally stable. For example, you.

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