Ex trouble; he broke up with me but acted like he always missed me, what is his issue?

He broke up with me but acted like he always missed me or wanted me back, hed texted me every once in a while. Always stalking my social media, and in person hed always kinda wait around for me and watch me and try in make sure i saw him and put himself in situations where id obviously notice him. I never really showed interest just sorta looked at him then would turn aroud because it truly hurt and it still does. Now he just blantenly ignores me to the point where its very obvious he always has his back turned and when he sees me walking towards him he will turn around and he's been talking to this girl that i really dont like and he knows it, it angers me but i dont want to show him that. He still looks over at me and stares at me but its nowhere as bad as it was. I dont think he likes her because his attention is mainly focused on me. And to be honest i kinda miss the attention, but what is his point and motive in all of this, im completely lost with him.


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  • It doesn't matter what his purpose is. What is your purpose? You need to be honest with yourself about what you want from him. . . and it's obvious that you want to reconcile.

    Why do you want that? He broke up with you. There were significant problems and they will still exist if you reconcile. He has given you mixed signals since the break up and both of you have acted rather juvenile since you stopped dating. Why would round 2 be any different than round 1

    Every relationship that you are in gives you opportunities to learn and mature and they help to prepare you for the next relationship. You need to learn what you can from the relationship you had with this guy, makes whatever changes you think you should make in your behavior, and then move on. Remaining fixated on this guy will be like jumping into a stagnant, algae infested pool to go swimming.

    • Its actually the third time, and i just miss him if anything i want ti get bwck together seeing hiim with this girl really hurts, i can't imagine my self with anyome else right now, it sovbad he is even in my dreams and is all i think about and i try not to i tryto move on ever since we broke up I've talked to other guys and none of it worked out. As for always thinking about him i try to change my brain to think about antthing else but it doesn't work.

    • Your obsession with him does not mean that you will ever have a good relationship with him. If anything, it probably means the opposite. It sounds like this is the only serious relationship that you have ever experienced and, if so, I understand why you cannot contemplate being with anyone else, but. . . there are may people around you who have experience with breaking up and moving on and I'll bet every one of them is telling you that is what you should do.

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  • Mind I ask, what is the reason to the break

    I think he's trying to move on, but couldn't do that because he still have lingering feelings for you. My best guess is he couldn't see himself being a committed relationship with you?

    • He never gave me an actual reason for breaking up with me all he said was he didn't like me anymore and i dont believe tat because how do you chase after someone for six months and all of a sudden not like them anymore, and the day he broke up he was talking about chilling together. And im not sure he is moving on of just doing it to make me jealous because last time i made him jealous by being with another guy so he wentnand dated one of my good friends, and the funny thing is he still talkedmto me when he dated her. But then we got in a fight and didn't talk for six months, weve been on and off for a year now. J feel like he's trying to make me jealous cause since the break up I've talkwd to guys he hates...

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  • Me too. He's a lost cause. Let's just forget about him.

    • Thats the thing tho i dont want to forget him

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  • Forget about him! If he wanted to be with u he would. I know what u feel - u don't want to believe he doesn't care and u r looking for " signs" . I ve been there and I know how hard it is to let it go, but please try. Even if you are back together u will not be happy for long, because if u were important for him he would not let u go at the first place. Be strong and be sure there will be someone who really loves you and you will think how fool you were to cry for this guy.


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