Is it possible to get an ex back?

me and my ex dated for 6 years and he was the lvoe of my life. I dont really know why we broke up but he is dating someone new know 2 months after we broke up. She is the exact opposite of me. Is it possible it is a rebound and that he could come back to me. I don't know maybe im just a hopless romatic but where there any people out there who could give me advice on how to get him back we dont even talk to eachother but he checks on my social media


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  • It is possible but it's not easy.


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  • It's sad, seeing people hold on to the past.


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  • I believe anything is possible... I am kind of in the same boat but also somewhat different. I if he moved on that quickly it could very well be a rebound relationship especially if he moved on that fast.