Why did he do this? Is the school thing just an excuse? I'm really confused on why he wants to reject her if he likes her so much.

Okay so im good friends w/ my ex and he's been telling me about this new girl he's into... (Which kinda does hurt) . He hasn't talked about her in a while till today.

We were having a random conversation when out of nowhere he told me that he wants to be single for a while (uhmm ok?) i asked him about the girl and he said that he actually just slept over her house 2 nights ago, they both really like each other except he doesn't want a relationship right now because he's starting school soon and doesn't want the distraction of a relationship and the girl is also moving 2 hours away in February- which i dont understand why he felt the need to tell me this. Long story short i got pretty mad at him for basically leading this poor girl on, ane he told me he's not telling me about relationship things anymore

Is the school thing just an excuse? Im really confused on why he wants to reject her if he likes her so much. He doesn't start school for another 2 months and febrauary is a long ways off. Can someone explain this to me? I dont understand it.


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  • It sounds like he is saying he doesn't want something that he doesn't see going somewhere long term. He could be at the tipping point where casual ain't cutting it anymore. Or he could seriously be more concerned about making something of himself. And, when a guy buckles down about that. It can mean putting romantic relationships aside for a while in order to focus.


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