Ending things with a guy I've been seeing, mistake or not? In need of some advice?

Met a guy threw a friend 9 months ago, she warned me he was a player so I tried not to get too invested in him, he also told me he isn't really into relationships from the beginning. Lately feelings have got a lot stronger for me and I see him most days, which resulted in me falling for him. I seen him out last night while he was with his friends and he acted as if he didn't know me but then texting me whilst we were in the same place asking me to go back to his. I went back with him upset with how I'd been treated I said I deserve better and it's over. He then told me he's in love with me, and I make him so happy. have I made a mistake finishing it?
  • Say I made a mistake and go back to him?
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  • Stick with my decision and stop seeing him?
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What Guys Said 1

  • i think you should stop seeing him, and i think you know why. there is obviously something going on with him


What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him to prove it if he really loves you


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