Ex was upbeat, ignored me, and I feel like shit :( How do I interpret his behaviour?

My ex (we were together 1 year, best friends for a year before that) dumped me last Sunday out of the blue. He said that he's been feeling depressed (it was obvious that he wasn't fine for 2 weeks, but I was there for him, as always), and he just feels a void when he sees me, doesn't love me any more, and doesn't want to be with me.

We haven't had any communication since, but yesterday was a mutual friend's birthday and he came to the party. There were only about 10 people there, and he just completely ignored me. Didn't say hi or bye and just avoided my side of the table completely. People told me that he seemed really upbeat and happy and didn't even talk about the break-up.

Why is he being like this? Is this normal? I find it so hurtful that he doesn't even miss me at all, and just goes about life as if everything's peachy now that I am gone :( I really wonder what might be going on in his head. Have any of you ever behaved like that? Does this mean that it is over for good and there's no chance of us getting back together? I thought that once he sorts out his depression he'll be back, but apparently he's not depressed anymore...


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  • It's normal if someone is going through depression, but I'm sorry about how he treated you. As someone who has depression I can say that I could see myself behaving like that, as I wouldn't want the people around me to know I was depressed. Acting upbeat and happy isn't a bad way to hide it.
    As for your relationship, I'm not interested in them because of personal philosophies but objectively I think you should ask him why he broke up with you and the answer to that would depend on if there's a chance he wants to get back with you or not.
    All the best.

    • Thank you for your reply. I asked him and he said he doesn't know, that he's just been feeling really low, and if he was happy in the relationship he'd at least be happy to have me around, but that he feels just as low with me around as he usually does (translation: I don't make him happy). So that's why. And now, nearly a week after the break-up later, he's all super happy and cheerful around his friends and ignores me :( SO painful! It's like he blames me for his depression or something, even though we didn't argue, I'd always listen to him, try to comfort him, surprise him with little things to make him smile, etc. etc.

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  • you're the one that's being depressed because of his BS! stop feeling like shit, dump him.


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