Guys, when you finally break NC with your ex, do you hope and/or expect for a reply?

He ignored me for about 1.5 months because he thought it's best we stop talking to each other and move on (we've been trying to stay friends but the feelings keep coming back at least on my part).

During the 1.5 months I've texted 3 times to which he ignored, the most recent text stating I'll be taking more time but I promise I wasn't trying to be nasty but just needed time to detach.

It was very painful for me until he replied out of the blue one day, saying, "honestly it's really better that we stop talking, but I'm glad one day way in the future we can be friends. I hope your hospital visit wasn't too serious, be well."

I haven't replied as I don't know what to say.


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  • i don't xpect anything basically... but if she doesn't respond... ok i'd move on np ^_^


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