Will they get back together?

My brother and his ex girlfriend had been together for a little over 4 yearss before they broke up. My brother did cheat on her few times (influenced by drugs), when my brother got arrested he told her that if she finds someone new she can leave him, and she did. Things changed, my brother got into rehab (he's a better person now) and my brothers ex did not stay with the guy she left my brother for cause she said she can't forget my brother and that she still loves him. Both still love each other very much, both families really support their relationship. She told my sister that she still love my brother when she went to our house. Do you think she will wait for my brother to get out of rehab? At least until he can visit us and socialize with people again (hopefully in a month or two) so they can talk about their relationship. Is there a possibility they will get back together

everyone can see that they're meant for each other. I really hope they'll get back together. I really like her, I'm always that who doesn't welcome new people to our family. With her it's different, i really want her to be my sister :(
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  • anything is possible hun have faith, glad your brother realized what he needed to do.

    • I really hope so. I daydream a lot about their wedding. Weird righy? Haha

    • no it's not weird just hopefully he learned from his mistake

    • Thank you for mh

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  • Addiction causes a lot of problems between people. Was he an addict for the entire relationship? Speaking from experience, I can say it will be very hard for her to trust and relax in the relationship, especially if there's been a pattern of getting better, then relapsing. She will most likely feel constantly on edge, wondering when it's going to happen again. If he makes a real effort to stay clean, and works a program, it can work, though. Please encourage him to not fool himself into thinking he can maintain it alone, very few people can.

    • She's a very positive person. She believe in him, that he can get better. She can say that because when she visit him in jail she saw a change in him. And he's in the righy hand, my cousin went to the same rehab as my brother and they have the same therapist who's dealing with then. My cousin been sober for over 10 years now.

    • That's great for your cousin. I love hearing about the success stories, because there are so many relapse stories. I wish your brother luck. He can do it.

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