How do I get over this?

I dated this guy nearly 6 months. I admit, I let my guard down and fell pretty hard. He told me he loved me, he told me he had a house for us to move into (my living situation was desperate), but it would be a couple of months. He kinda kept me separate from the rest of his life, but I thought that was just because he was very busy with two jobs. Things were great, he had started to make a real effort to do some things that I said would make me happy. Then, out of nowhere, things started to fall apart. He picked fights over every little thing, he started accusing me of things, insinuating I wasn't faithful, which I was completely. We broke up. I'm devastated.

To make matters worse, it's beginning to look like he lied to me about a lot of things. It is looking like there was no house. He was supposed to be living with a family member, it looks like he is actually living alone. He said his uncle was just never home, but his car is the only car that's ever there, I pass his place on my way to work, it's on a main road, and I refuse to take a longer route to avoid it. I just feel sick, betrayed, and I don't understand any of this. And I'm ashamed that I want him back, even knowing what I know.
I do believe he broke up with me because there was never going to be a way to keep getting away with the lies.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe you trusted him too much too early.
    Just don't rush into another relationship of any sort until you are fully over this one.
    It will take time, that can't be avoided. Keep busy and spend time with friends as much as you can.
    There are decent guys out there, the hard bit is sorting them out from the bad guys.
    Give yourself time, shed a tear or two if it helps. Don't feel ashamed.
    Take care and stay safe!!


What Girls Said 1

  • Forget about him and move on. It is his loss not yours.


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