Even if you hate your ex, would you still recognize their talent or accomplishments?

So I have this ex that hates me, she told me that she thinks I'm someone with no talent whatsoever. I've been working on a manuscript for my novel and I think it'll get published since I've gotten good feedbacks for it. But I still want to impress her, not to get back with her, just to prove to her that I'm not a untalented piece of crap.

So would you be impressed by your ex's talent or accomplishment after the break-up? If so, do you ever get the feeling that you want to take them back?


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  • Recognize his accomplishment: Yes
    I'm mature, we're adults

    Take him back: No
    With/Without the new accomplishment he's still the same person and it doesn't change why we broke up

    Unless of course the only reason why you two broke up is because she thought you weren't doing much with life then

    yes, maybe but I wouldn't accept this type of person back in my life.
    It gives me a "God digger" vibe
    When you struggle they don't believe in you
    When you succeed they come back
    But what happens if you fall down again?


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  • Of course I would. Personally, I could never hate anyone. Even this one guy who is a better musician than me and just loves to rub it in everyone's faces including mine and is a complete asshole, I still recognize his talent and tell him when he has done well. I strongly dislike his personality, but I definitely recognize his talent. I hardly ever let jealously or dislike get in the way of being a good sport.

  • Absolutley frankly if god exists, thèse abilities were given to them you must give crédit where crédit is due.


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