How to get over being used?

Seeing a guy for five months... been sleeping with him just under two.
Finally figured out that he was using me. Despite thinking I'd met someone who was on my same level.
He doesn't appear to be a player, but is incredibly handsome and good at creating the illusion.
I still have him on facebook.

What is the best way to move on?
Last thing I did was send him a message explaining that I was let down but I opened my eyes to the ugly truth that he is. I was vicious but only because he hurt me despite knowing I'm not a cruel person. His reply was, "Whatever. can't be arsed to put up with this nonsense"

I'd never met anyone so in tune with me and someone I could respect so much, I was close to getting real feelings till I saw the light.
Do I have a future for love? Because I get approached every day by men, but they all just want casual sex. Men in the UK have changed. Goodbye to the gentlemen. Now they request a naked selfie before they even take you on a date.
This guy didn't ask that, he got to know me on an intellectual level and made me feel really good about myself before he got me.
I want to never have sex ever again. I'm usually good at casual sex and not clingy at all but this guy hit me hard despite it never even starting.
What advice do you have for me?
Thank you


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I've been down that path before and here's how i got passed it all.

    First thing you do is to remove that person from your contacts as well as your everyday life.

    Next i would advice you join a club or sport team, this way your mind is focused on other things. This is also a great way to meet new people.

    Another thing you could do is try online dating which some people may or may not favor but from what I've seen a lot of friends I've met have had succeses and are either married or engaged.

    If none of these work, try approaching a different type of guy. What i mean wiyh this is simply avoid the behavior and personality of your previous relationship in order to move on and be happy.

    Hope this helps :D


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok. So this is my opinion and question? What made you see the light?
    It sounds like he wanted to take it slow and wasn't ready for commitment.
    Us women like relationships to happen now. When we have sex we have this emotional bond. Men are different. he responsed like that because he wasn't expecting that from you
    In my recent experience men prefer the Woman to wait it out. The longe u wait and can resist him the more he will respect you.
    He sounds like a great guy. What you should do is. explain to him u were confused and would like to get to know him and be friends but take it slow. Hope it helps 😃


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  • You just have to move on. It's usually really easy to find out if a guy is a player or not. You said he got to know you on an intellectual level right? You should have been more cautious instead of jumping right into it to figure out if he was being true. Sleeping with him in under two months? Do you see where you made the wrong choices? The ones that aren't going after you are the ones not looking for casual sex. Keep a look out for those guys, there are gentlemen out there.


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  • you shouldn't trust anyone. and u made a mistake by sleeping with him. at least u learned ur lesson now. guys are dicks. don't give in next time.


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