Guys, BOYS, why tell a girl (an ex to be exact) you love her if you really fucking don't?

He says he loves me, then says he doesn't. He says he cares, then he doesn't. He said he wants to be with me forever then says he want's me to get out of his life. He called me boo (to him that means one and only) then hooked up wiith another chick. He got upset that he wasn't my background on my phone or laptop or in my instagram bio but while we were together I was none of those things. WHY DOES HE KEEP LYING TO ME? WHY DOES HE KEEP CONTROLLING ME

I actually do love this guy and can't take this pain...
Seriously I need help ANYONE?


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  • He is a user and a looser. He is trying the LOVE play to get more play. While you may love him , there is no telling how many others he is saying he loves too

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    • It sounds more like your dependent on him rather than love him

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  • He keeps controlling you because you let him. You are under 18, so you definitely do not need to be thinking about a forever relationship. What do you do? Stop seeing him, stop taking his calls. Stop responding to email and find some friends to hang out with and a hobby. You will meet someone else and unfortunately there is no guarantee that it won't happen again with the next person. Relationships have risk, and can be painful, but don't compromise for this guy.

  • To get in your drawers


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