What should I do now? Is it a breakup or just a break from a relationship?

Awhile back me and my girlfriend broke up. It kinda of shocking to me since I did care for her but she got bored of me apparently and she was the one that broke it off. We didn't talk for a few days after that but around the weekend I saw her online and we skyped cam for a good couple of hours. We still had a connection with each other otherwise our chat wouldn't have lasted that long. She broke it off with me because she got bored apparently but I was also a distraction to her schol work, her academics were her first proiority rather than me which I understood clearly about that. This was her first real relationship so there were some ups and downs about things. She went to school couple of hours away from the city and we only kept in contact via Skype or texting only. A good amount of my friends have told me I shouldn't be seeing her or talking with her at all since I needed to heal my broken heart. Couple of weeks back she came back to the city and I wanted to hang out with her. So we hung out the weekend, she wanted to get some food at some areas that we went to together when we were still dating. There was still affection we had for each other like her holding my hand for a couple of seconds and in the end of the night we made out. After the kiss she kinda was tearing up and I was asking what was wrong with her but she just shook her shoulders. She said she refused to be in a relationship status because I guess of the stress it brings up like its a job or something. When she was leaving to go back to school I took her to the station. We hugged each other and gave kisses, then I said see ya when you come back and she nodded and waved at me on the train. Now we still text each other often and have stories to tell once in awhile. but I question it as what are we now? Are we just on a break or what because it kinda makes me wonder if we are broken up we shouldn't be kissing at all... what should I do?


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  • If she would break up for real she wouldn't even like to see u. In case she meets u and kisses u is a sign that she still likes to be close to u. Maybe the distance and School and all the stuff are too much for her right now and she wants to concentrate on one thing. Be Patient and wait what happens...

    • I guess so but she did say when we broke up that she still wanted to remain friends.

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