My girlfriend want have her own time... Please help me I'm desperate... What can I do?

two days ago she and me had argument and it was from my stupid misunderstanding... And she told me we fight a lot and she think maybe we are not good as relationship and i begged her really a lot and she changed mind but she needs one or two weeks and she wants me not to act like in relationships with her
After one or two weeks she told me she will make decisions about us... and if i just act like friend after that period she will tell me break up... and i can't imagine break up with her... What can i do during that period
and we are in long distance relationship... Please tell me what to do... And what shouldn't i do... I want to make her decision not break way... I'm desperate...

and sorry for my bad English .. My first language is not English so there must a lot of mistake...


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  • Take a deep breath!! Relax.. then allow for things to fall in place.. You can't control the outcome, learn to roll with it

    • Okay you mean just stay? Should i make her miss me? like not send her a message for few days? Or just treat her nicely and show her i still love her and trying hard to get her back?

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    • Sure but keep it short.. Let her come to you. And don't carry on an endless text convo

    • Sorry for questioning a lot I have one more question She told me she is not sure about her feeling about me... So I thought two ways before post this... One is show my love to her and second is exact way you told me (Make her miss me) (i think that she told me she is not sure about me is important part but i forgot to add it) Now should i do the way you told me or change the way?

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