Should I ask her to prom and would this be okay?

Like two month ago I started dating someone with the intention of taking them to prom but a few weeks ago I found out they already promised to go with a gay friend a while ago and we split up. Prom is now a week away and I have nobody to ask but I had an idea (A ton of people have still been asking each other out so I thought it would still be okay). So there's a childhood friend I used to hang out with ALL THE TIME 24/7 until like middle-end of Elementary school and I was thinking of asking her because I don't know if it would be weird but I was thinking it could just be a pretty darn interesting experience and crazy time since we haven't seen each other in forever and as kids we used to be so close and it might be sort of cool to hang out and see where we both are now XD. I'm meeti with a large group of friends too so that should make it even more fun plus we would probably go out to dinner before hand too. Also I would be paying for the ticket so I was thinking maybe a few hours at a prom at another school would still be a fun time even if you hadn't seen the person in forever. Oh and I saw that she already had gone to her prom. So anyway I don't know, thoughts? I was hoping to PM her this:

Hey [Her Name], long time no see XD! So this may be a little out of the blue or weird haha but my Prom is coming up (It's on May 16th at Levi's Stadium) and I was just talking with a group of friends about stuff and I remembered how we use to hang out all the time as kids and we haven't seen each other in forever and I was wondering if you would want to come with me to my prom? I thought it could be sort of fun and crazy to catch up and what not. My group of friends would be meeting up at 8:00PM when it starts although I think we'd want to go out to eat before hand. Totally understand if you don't want to I just thought it could be a really crazy and fun time. Thanks for responding (^:


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  • Great! Just don't say "thanks for responding" at the end since she obviously hasn't responded. Other than that it's really good. Prom sounds like it's going to be great for you guys. Have fun!


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