Can you be intimate with someone after they tell you that they have very few emotions left for you?

So, my fiancee of 6 months broke up with me and said I wasn't satisfying her physical needs. We had moved in together a month or so back. About 2 weeks back she had given some silly examples (how I should kiss her differently and bite her when we make out), to make her point. I listened to her and assured her I will try to make sure I do those things while making out. She told me that these were "important things" and added if I didn't do those things she mentioned, it might be difficult for us to work.

So the past 2 weeks, I make sure I am doing all those things that she likes in bed. But I also notice that she's withdrawn from me emotionally - does not text me at all during the day or call me, stopped calling me all the "cute names" we used earlier, didn't say "I love you" when I said it to her and I almost feel I am talking to a friend, not the woman I am going to marry. I confronted her and told her she wasn't satisfying me emotional needs and I didn't feel re-assured that she wanted to be with me at all. She told me that she didn't feel that she loved me anymore, and that was because I wasn't satisfying her physical needs. To which I replied with, I can't be physically intimate with a person who doesn't feel emotionally attached to me.

And she used that as her reason for breaking up... How fair is that? How can I be physically intimate with a person, when they tell me they dont feel emotionally attached to me anymore? Did she just use this whole thing as an excuse to break up?


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  • "Did she just use this whole thing as an excuse to break up? "



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