Should I be friends with the ex, should I go see her, should I just talk over the phone... Idk?

My recent ex girlfriend who dumped me for about a month now, has started calling me again. She told me that her grandmother who I knew very well just found out she has breast cancer. This girl has done a lot of stuff to me which I can't stand, but I feel so bad with her grandmother situation. She also wants to stay friends with me. She says I'm her best friend, but wants nothing more. I still have feelings for this girl, but don't know if I should stay friends because it might hurt me in the long run. Every moment sad or happy I would be there for here while we were in the relationship, and I know I shouldn't really be there for her because we're not together anymore and she didn't want to be with me, at least that what all my friends are saying to me. I just feel bad about her grandmother and how serious this is? She I be friends, should I go see her, should I just talk over the phone... Idk?


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  • You know what luv... Don't see her because she wants to be friends... If you know her grandmother very well and are close with her, see her... and if this girl wants to talk about y'all two down the road... shut it down

    • You don't think I should text her later next week maybe and just say, I wasn't trying to bail on you, I was just really busy. If you'd like to talk over the phone or meet up shortly I can next week? I don't know what do u think?

    • You can tell you her that, yes... But what I suggest is saying... that you guys can trymeeting ONE more time, but if it doesn't work out... then move on

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  • If you can't be in her life without falling deeper into love with her, you shouldn't contact her at all.

  • It would be nice to be there for her at this time but honestly if you can't be with her without falling for your ex, then create space between the two


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