When would you consider it more than a coincidence when you keep bumping into your ex?

Like the question asks. At what would point would you think it's not a coincidence anymore?


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  • If it's regularly, then it's not a coincidence. I was going to say that it's likely if you live close to each other but I live down the road from my ex and I haven't seen him around since we broke up.

    I would say after the third time, it's clearly intentional, especially if they stare at you a lot or they approach you each time, laughing about what a "coincidence" it is to see you there again.

    • Okay, so here's the case:

      After we broke up:

      She used to sit at where we used to frequent and met for a week straight, for hours on end.


      She lives in a different country and we haven't seen each other for half a year or more, and now she's been hanging out at the same spot again for a week for several hours at a time, with her new boyfriend.

      It got to the point that my friend who knows I attempted dating her even noticed it, and told me ya she's just been sitting up there for hours at a time, not doing anything except watching who comes into the door.

      What am I supposed to think of that?

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    • Okay, so a follow-up question: Why would she want to do that? What would be the point of bumping into me, especially if she has a boyfriend now?

    • It's obvious she still likes you and want to get your attention and to make you jealous with her boyfriend. She hasn't moved on.

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