Dumped on mothers day?

My fiance literally just broke off our engagement and relationship because he was overwhelmed with trying to keep "everyone" happy. Its his sisters 16th birthday, mothers day for his mom, and mothers day for me for having our son. So he left me this morning by myself, took our son, because his family wanted to spend time with all of us, but he said him and i could do something later. Long story short, i text him asking what the plan was and he said he just planned on hanginh out with his family. So i asked him if he could bring our son home so i wouldn't be alone on mothers day, and he flips out saying he's doing all he can to make everyone happy and he's tired of always making sure im happy and im holding him back from him living his life the way he wants. What do i do? Am i in the wrong? Im so broken right now. he's never done this before.


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  • His family wanted you there, so the only one that did not want you with them is your "fiancĂ©e". that alone spells bad news. then after you spend time alone and request to have your son with you, he flips out over your reasonable request. More bad signs. And then flipping out further and saying that you are keeping him from living HIS life the way HE wants to shows that he is not interested in spending any time, let alone Mothers Day, with you. And to make it worse, he does not respect the bond between you and your son, especially on Mothers Day of all things. I see not future with this excuse for a man.


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  • Wow! That sucks. Give him time to cool off.


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  • I would celebrate.

    He's telling you plain and simple the facts of your relationship.

    What is it that you don't want to understand?

    Saved yourself a mistake

    Stop making excuses for him. This relationship has been over.

  • Give him some space, I'm sure he will come back


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