Does it make sense to miss my ex even though he never planned to show up or make time for me? and taking months to get over him?


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  • You miss him. Does that mean:

    1. You thought he was THE ONE and nobody that good will ever come into your life again

    2. You felt good having someone to care about and now you feel a void in your life

    3. You are afraid of being alone

    4. Something else

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    • If a lady thinks all guys are alike, then she has only known guys on a very superficial level. Same criticism for any guy who thinks all girls are alike.

      If you are afraid that the next guy you meet will be like this last guy. . . probably not, unless you are subconsciously looking for that type of guy. If so, it is entirely within your power to correct that problem.

      Don't hold back, sweetie. There are guys out there who want to be in a relationship, who will appreciate a good woman, and who will be faithful and loyal to you. . . but you'll never find one of them unless you take a chance on finding romance!

    • I don't know how to look out for the one?

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  • Yes it makes since because your feelings were involved. And you wanted him to make time for you because you cared for him.

    • Thank you. You just explained my situation ha.

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  • You're human. Any emotion is normal. But understand the difference between feeling emotions and a reality of a situation


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  • of course not! its normal because you still cared about him even if he treated you poorly

    • Sometimes I wonder now, did he secretly cared then or was he manipulating me over his misery

  • That's normal, you were together


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