What should I do if my ex girlfriend text these messages to me?

My ex girlfriend dumped me few weeks ago, and she texted me out of the blue 3 am in the morning
She texted me:
"I am thinking about you. Hope you are doing better. I am still finishing finals. The deadline for my last project is Tuesday. Then I can really start to think about us"

"I wish I could talk to you but I'm sorry it's really late"

"I don't think it's good for us to be together but I miss you! I AM CONFUSED I know everything is so confusing"

"There are so many things reminding me of you"

What should I do? I haven't reply yet should I? What should I reply?

I want really want to get her back do I still have any chance?
I'm so sorry girls but I need more of your help
I texted her back asking if i can talk to her? and I called her so didn't reply or answer

so the next day I called she won't answer and I texted her what do you want?
She reply "I don't' understand what you mean? Do you just want to know if we broke up or not? Don't wait for me. we are broken up. I just want to talk with you sometime if that is ok" What should I do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • whatever you do, don't make it obvious you're down to get back with her. Keep her chasing you, till it drives her crazy then slowly let her back in your life. I'd say reply but reply something kind of short that makes her ask herself the same thing your asking yourself "do i still have a chance?"


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  • She misses you and probably thinks she made a mistake. Don't take her back without her acknowledging that. It sounds like you actually have a chance if you want it. Good luck!

  • she wants to be with you but she doesn't know if she should

  • She obviously misses you.


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