Is it weird that my ex keeps sending me blog updates?

My ex moved to South America for work a while back and will be there for 8 months. We broke up a few days after he left, we both didn't want to do long distance and the break up was friendly (we had only dated 6 months). He's a journalist and photographer so naturally he keeps in touch with friends and family through his blog posts. He sends private updates directly to our e-mails through his blog. I was on his list as we were together when he left and after the break up as we were still friendly.

It's been a little more than 5 months now and I just received another update last month. (the first one in a long time) We haven't spoken for 3 months, and the e-mail came out of nowhere. I'm not sure if I still want to receive DIRECT periodical updates about his life. Why is he sending me this? I'm over him and I'm know he's over me. He slept around after we broke up, in fact the day after. And he's started dating a girl in Peru. He doesn't know, I know anything about him sleeping around or his new girl. The e-mail is harmless but quite lenghty, he talks about his work and travel in Peru, he does mention his new girl in the e-mail but refers to her as a "friend". He bcc-ed the contacts so I can't tell if he created a mailing list and just forgot to remove me or if he sent it to any of his other exes. Am I overreacting? Is it weird that I am getting an update or is it normal

Sorry if it seems childish but it's been bugging me, what do you think?
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  • Why is he sending this to you?

    You're being absurd. You just stated the breakup was friendly and mutual.

    There is nothing weird about being included in a blog post.

    if you're not interested in communication from him, step up, stop being a coward and be verbally clear you're not interested.

    men aren't psychic. Stop playing guessing mind games.

    • I guess you're right. I think the blog wasn't the issue but other things annoyed me so I found it weird. Thought the break up was friendly and mutual, I was angry at him for the way he handled certain things after, I won't go into it. After the break up and I guess certain content in the e-mail brought up some unresolved issues. I do think I need to clear things up with him, so I'm not resentful. Though I don't see how I'm playing mind games

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