Ex confusion please help?

Relationship 3 years living together. Argued a lot due to my fault. But very happy when we were good! They broke it off with me for the first time didn't talk for a month. Now we talk again decided to keep "talking" . They say they are unsure of their feelings but always act as if we are together. They call me everyday and we text all day. Even when they are with their friends. We both agreed on not talking to anyone else. They also include my in their future plans a lot. The word babe has slipped out of their mouth 3 times. We do act as if we are together. Sometimes they act very cold with me and weird. They know exactly how I feel towards them but they don't let me know about their feelings much. They did admit they still get jealous. They like falling asleep on the phone with me. But they say they don't want to get back with me just yet I don't know it's so confusing. I've cried and cried. I don't know what to do anymore. The first time we hanged out after the breakup. They would stare at me a lot and they admitted how beautiful I was and that it sucked a lot knowing that someone else can snatch me away. I made it clear I don't want anyone else. They said they don't know about their feeling they're confused


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  • More than one guy? They/he just is being selfish dragging you alone. If they really want you then he/they should put in some effort and give u a title


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  • If they are confused, walk away and let them sort their confusion out by themselves...
    You can toss a coin as to them coming back, but last thing you want is to miss out on another great opportunity with someone else just because the person you were waiting on was " confused "

    This is really blunt, I've just seen it happen to friends with my own two eyes for too long sorry

  • Why do you call him 'they'?

    • I'm a girl who has a girlfriend i don't want to be attacked by it

    • Ugh I'm not 16 I don't know how to change it. I'm 21 by the way.

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  • The situation is rather complicated. It seems like she kind of wants to get back with you.

    • Yes it is really complicated.. Sometimes I cry alone because I can't hold it in. I've told her in person aswell. But she just stares at me and doesn't say anything. She's a hard one to get into her thoughts. I don't know what to do anymore it drives me nuts! I'm her first real relationship & she's been mine aswell. I just wish I knew what is going on. I told her I don't want to be friends with benefits & she said im not. She states she's single but around me she shows her friends as if we are together. I don't want to throw this away. What really confused me was that she mentioned she wanted to marry me (this was less than a week ago so we weren't together anymore) I questioned her. I said how could you want to marry me? Yet you don't even know if you want me as a gf? She got really upset.. But isn't that confusing?

    • Wow, that's very complicated :/ I hope things get better for you sweetie :)

    • Thank you so much <3

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