Did I over react or was more proof needed before I reacted? Haven't seen or heard from him since. I felt bad that I got so angry and messaged him.

did I over react? was I wrong to have expected more from him far as his responses

I broke up with my boyfriend last Friday because two girls were on his facebook page commenting on his status. One girl was asking the other is she with him! Then i said wait!! Im his girlfriend!! Then she told me she dont mean to be messy but that she was just with him last week, and yes they been sleeping together etc.. I called him to ask him he was like they some project ***** and he only know one of them cause he use to date her friend. So he then goes on Facebook and he replied on social media (all this b. s on my page need to stop, im in a relationship how many more people need to see it) he didn't say he was with me or her or the other girl, The girl was like / just keep it real dude why lie., I then said are you going to address it? He said nothing! Yet he INBOXED me to say ( you already know I wasn't talking to you like that tf) the females called him out and he said nothing. He text me to ask (are we good?) I said no! Why didn't you stand up, defend you or us? I asked him to come by, he wouldn't, I got angry and said you're a liar I'm gone. He said (that's how you feel? Cool!!!) It really hurt!! Cause even his family member on facebook commented on his status and put (lol u can't claim them all). Smh humiliating! To see he said nothing!! I was crushed so yes i got angry , Haven't seen or heard from him since. I felt bad that I got so angry and msgd him about how hurt I was and just lost that he don't see why I'm upset. Still nothing. I love him, thought he loved me. Do I just leave it as it is?


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  • He sounds childish and irresponsible. I think he is tool and enjoys that attention a little too much and he really didn't care about how you felt about the situation. I think you are better off without him. You deserve someone who acts their age. Fooling around on fb like that is for 14 year olds.

    • Truth be known, very refreshing to have a grown man voice an opinion.. Childish indeed. And even more so brings relief I needed to know I'm not crazy to expect more. Thank you kindly! I mean that and I do feel he didn't and still don't care how I feel about the situation at all!! That's what hurts mostly. Thank you. Makes it easier to move on

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  • maybe you overreacted a teenie bit... BUT he should have stuck up for you guys... and if he didn't that time, he may not in the future so it's probably beter that you did...
    the fact that he didn't stick up for you guys makes it seem like he's hiding something. why would she says she beeen f***ing him, if she's not? kinda weird...
    but whether you should leave it or not is completely up to you. do you want to be with someone who won't deffend your relationship?

    • Thank you for an honest thoughtful opinion! I appreciate it and that's what set me off the fact he did not stand up for us or me at all, the fact also why she would lie and no you're right I do not want to be with someone who doesn't defend our relationship. It was humiliating. Thank you AmandaLynn

    • you're welcome!
      you deserve someone who who go through any means necissary to keep you happy.. and he doesn't sound like that guy. you'll find him tho! xxxooo

  • I don't know what the entire situation is but, from my stand point, it seems like he was trying to keep his status vague.. It's possible that he could have been stepping out on you and posted that because it could apply to everyone involved.

    • I too agree, that's exactly how it felt! Thank you for your time to weigh in I appreciate it.

    • You're welcome

  • This is why I don't have a facebook too much fucking shit gets started all the time. Girl he is gone. Bye girl.


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