My boyfriend is going on a break with me, what should I do to make him miss me?

So my boyfriend's terms of this break is that we both do not talk to other people, we still have the title of boyfriend and girlfriend.. and i need to just give him his space... yet he still texts me a couple times a day.. telling me to have a good day, or saying something random about work. How do I get him back?


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  • "what should I do to make him miss me?"

    That's like playing games.
    Most guys won't like it and if he finds out about that, he'll drop you in a second if he's a confident guy.

    If you want to get him back then ask him to meet for a casual coffee.
    And slowly take it from there.

    • He doesn't want to meet up anytime soon, he says he needs all this space, yet is constantly texting me.. you tell me whose playing games.

    • You should have mentioned that in your question.
      Anyways, If I were you I'd tell that person to stop sending me texts and give me my space.
      I think he misses you that's why he's sending you texts.
      What else do you want?

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  • If you don't mind, I'd like to ask for more details. The main one being what happened and/or why are you two going on a break? Certainly he didn't just come to you one day and say, hey, I don't want to hang out with you for a while, but I still want you to be my girlfriend, not talk to any other guys and just basically stop your life in it's tracks, be uncertain and unhappy, until I want to see you again. How long have you two been a couple? How old are you?

    • So he's currently on a break from me BC I pointed it out to him how it makes me feel uncomfortable that he looks at other girls in front of me/checks out MY girlfriends and lets me know how pretty they are.. or that they are his TYPE of girl that he usually likes and im outside of his type (but not in a bad way according to him)... he says I make him feel really small and as if he is under my boot'' when I call him out for looking at other girls and stuff or calling them pretty bc i dont realize how much he thinks im beautiful and all that he does for me. I specifically explained to him that i DO acknowledge that he tells me im beautiful other times and stuff... but thats not my issue. I let him know straight up that it bothers me and i feel disrespecetd by it... then he turns around and says im just being too insecure.. when really i feel disrespected. he can't seem to handle me when im upset about these situations.. he thinks i overthink it.. and get all worked up and take out my anger

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    • I think you are 1000000% right.. and yes he is also 22 years old... just a side note I called him an idiot to one of his friends the same night we had this huge talk... bc i was frustrated and he was being super rude to me that night... i obv apoligized i was wrong and shoulnt have said it, ill admit!! ... but he said to me that night that were done and he's breaking up with me... and then he brings up this whole issue of me being insecure and then we fought and he told me we were going on a break... i honestly think he was WAY MORE pissed off about the fact that i called him an idiot than all the other issues... he was ready to break up with me over that comment than he sat down and said im going to give you a chance to explain yourself.. etc etc.

    • @happydominant17

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  • This is fucking stupid really. So the only way to solve an issue you two have is to spend time apart, not talk about your feelings and then come back together with perhaps cooler heads but the same thoughts any way? Really? I never understood this "brake" bullshit.

    Oh and making him miss you is childish. Either he misses you or he doesn't.

  • Say you want to see other people if its going to stay like this, because you need your sexual attention. Guys brains are about sex, you say you want another cock, and he will shit his pants and beg for you to never leave!

  • You can not make someone miss you if they do no so either he will miss you or he will not. I say communicating about what is going on is better than taking a break and not talking about anything.

  • If you were a good girlfriend to him, you shouldn't need to do anything at all to make him miss you.


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