Should I take him back?

I know guys are more driven by physical things than emotional things and it can get them in trouble. I just found out that my boyfriend of three years has been flirting and chatting girls up in person and through texts after saying he had no interest in them and to make it worst he exchanged sexually explicit messages about their "assets" to his friends saying if he was single he would "pounce" amongst some other things which makes me think a large part of him is better off single.

He`s been very good to me and we don`t fight or anything but he was a player in his past and I`m worried it`s carried onto our future. He wants to work on things and practice some transparency but my anxiety has made me an emotional wreck since I found out all the thoughts I had were more than just thoughts.

Should I try to give him another chance or does it sound unhealthy/not worth it?


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  • Do you like being an emotional wreck

    Do you like a guy who has little respect for you and your relationship

    If yes, then take him back.


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  • To each their own, but if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't give him another chance. In the end, it all boils down to respect and the way he's been acting - that's not being good or fair to you. If he really respected you, he wouldn't have acted the way he did, or at least broken up with you first and then done whatever the hell he wanted to do. And if he doesn't respect you then what is he doing next to you in the first place

    I understand that it might be hard for him to give up his player ways, but it's not fair to you for him to be stringing you along. Don't be in a relationship just cause he's good to you. Obviously, if this has made you an emotional wreck (as you've put it), then it's not worth it. Don't stay in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. Good Luck! :)


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  • LOL.. you're 18-24. He has every right to be whatever he wants and doesn't have to explain that to you or anyone.

    Have fun. Enjoy life. Do whatever you want. Stop being so serious. You're wayyy too young to be nagging at someone like you're married or own him

    • So you`re saying it`s ok to lie and screw with other people`s emotions just because you`re young... BOY BYE... If you had a daughter and some guy did the same things to her, I wonder how long you would sit back and encourage her to let the guy she`s with go out and run wild so he could possibly give her an STD because he has no self control.

      I let him do what he wants, I just like to know if he does anything that could effect me so I can make my own decisions about whether or not I want to be around for it. All I asked for was the truth, did he tell me that so I could emotionally prepare myself... no... take all the seats.

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    • by the way.. you preached about compromise and maturity but the only person expected to make changes in the relationship is him. He needs to do this. Why isn't he that. These are all your words.

      I would spend less time analyzing your partner and realize you have some growing up of your own to do. From this angle you sound like the immature one.

      Where do you take responsibility

      What are you changing about yourself to make this work

      Not nice to hear all this is it? STOP analyzing him. Do YOU and only YOU.

    • I don`t agree with a lot of things you have to say but I do agree that I focused too much on him and need to focus more on myself.

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  • Give yourself some time to get over it


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