I tried everything that I could to fix them but she says she can't go back. Am I a bad person for wanting to fix it and work through everything?

Recently i broke up with my girlfriend, and the way things have happened left me beating myself up with no answers.
Towards the end of February i got into this exercise phase where i was all about exercising after work all the time; well during that time i said some things that i absolutely regret to this day to my then girlfriend. Basically what i said was if you don't get more active and join me in this new lifestyle i chose, where does that put us? Understandebly so she took it as me saying if you aren't active we can't be together. Jackass move, right? I never intended it to go that way and the only reason that came up was because my brother came home from china with one of his friends and they kept pushing me to be more active and count calories etc., well i picked up that phase and i said things i regret more than ever. We broke up for a month then she came back wanting to talk again, i said sure and we talked it out and everything was going smoothly for us. Backtracking to the month split up, I started talking to her best friend ( which is my brothers girlfriend ) talking about how she has shut me out and we haven't talked for a long time. She kept telling me to be positive and keep my head up, telling me that she hopes she will come around. We took notice of her different behavior and talked about it etc. FFW to when my then girlfriend and i started talking again and things were going smoothly. My brothers girlfriend met up with her sometime that week when we started talking again, she spills to my then girlfriend that we had been talking and she absolutely flips out saying we couldn't be friends and that i wasn't allowed to talk to her at all.(Running out of room) FFW to now, where my then girlfriend wants nothing to do with me and i've taken responsibility for my actions and i'm trying to accomodate for her. I'm owning up for my mistakes and all i want is another chance, but i can't force her to give it another shot.


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  • No. Ur not. It's good that you want to go back. It means you really love her. I know you can't force her to get back together. But if you want keep on trying

    • It's a massive struggle for me right now because that was my first very serious relationship ( a year and a half ), and i'm learning what true love is. I know for a fact that i love her with all my heart and i would do anything to be with her. I tried just about everything i could to show i was sorry and i wanted another chance.

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  • I know what you mean. I had a break up with my ex not too long ago and she was my first real serious relationship. not as long as yours was but it was somewhat almost near it. I know how you feel because I am the same I still love her and would do lots of things just to win her back over. Its good to see you're wanting to get back with her because you care for her so deeply. While you can't force her to go back together you can try but just know there is a chance and there is no chance. maybe give it a few days and see where it goes from there.


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