Should I reach out to say bye to my ex before I go to college?

So it's been 3 months of no contact I leave in the fall.. we broke up things got messy but she had to end things. Her mom was telling her if she's moves out with me she would never talk to her again. She wouldn't have a free college ride anymore. We were sneaking around like only twice a month. Things led to miscommunication distrust and just a cluster fuck of a relationship. I was too busy to put in the effort to fix it and when I tried it was too late. I still do love her. She said hopefully we can try this again when we move out havw our shit together. Right before I leave should I reach out.. this will be another 3 to 4 months. So that will be 6 To 7 months on no contact in total. Or should I just say she dumped me.. don't bother. She left me with so many questionship and such weird behavior I couldn't figure out. My optimistic side tells me she was really torn and I should believe her when she said saying goodbye was the hardest thing she's ever done. That she did believe I didn't care and she did believe I was using her. My other side tells me she just lost interest and didn't really love me.
  • Yeah it will give u a chance in the future and she will see you are moving on with your life
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  • No she dumped you.. have respect for yourself.
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I fell hard for this girl.. I never show her I cared or loved her till it was too late. If I could ever rekindle I think I would. At the same time I should probably have some dignity. Let her come to me if it's meant to be.
She completley broke things off and I didn't want to but she said only way she can move on she can't take it emotionally anymore. Said I blow up and I get mean on her.


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  • I think it's all still too fresh. Maybe some time next year will be good, though I'm more of a "don't contact your exes unless you're going to have to work with/ run into them often" type of person.

    • That would be 7 to 8 months of no contact in total

    • Exactly. Keep working on yourself.

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  • You would just look desperate... why try to rekindle something when you are going away anyway.

    You have college and a new life ahead with other girls. Be fair to both of you and just leave it alone.

    • I do like her as a person.. Would be nice to just catch up.

    • If it is just for the purpose to be friendly... and as long as you tell her that so there is no leading anyone astray, then just being friendly is fine.

      Attempting to talk to her for the purpose of starting something up again seems like waste of time.

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  • What would be the use in contacting her? Keep moving forward

    • Well I never showed that I cared about her till she broke up. This will show I do still care not in a desperate way. If she comes across as a bitch or uninterested then I'll know there's nothing in the future. Kind of be at peace

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    • Ah I see. So now you have time for her?

    • Yeah now I do. I was going through the police academy.

  • If you think she won't misinterpret is as you still liking her then yeah

  • i dont see why not. i try and stay on good terms with all my exes

  • Don't bother. Life goes on.


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